EmergingLes Yeux du Monde features six artists in a radiant summer show

In “More Light,” Karen Blair seeks to share the “sheer awe” she feels when she looks at the world. By choosing to distill local landscapes into shapes, marks and colors, “it becomes a challenge to give more to the viewer than just a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional scene,” she writes. “What about wind, heat and cold, birdsong and the taste of iron filings on the tongue in heavy fog? I constantly search for ways to infuse the paintings with this information.” Read the review >

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Southern Living Cover

Traditional Home CoverIdea House Cover    

southernlivingbathroomMaking the most of the 2015 Southern Living Idea House near Charlottesville
Washington Post

“Looking for some design inspiration? A showhouse that celebrates Southern style, decorated by Bunny Williams, opens Saturday in North Garden, Va., just southwest of Charlottesville.”
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paint brushes in colorPractice Makes Perfect
Virginia Living

“Blair is constantly observing the world, employing not just her eyes, but all her senses. When out in nature, she notes wind, temperature, moisture, birdsong, smells, etc., incorporating all these aspects into her impression of a place. Her aim is to produce a fully fleshed-out representation of her subject, and capture its essence in a more powerful way than an exact replication ever could.”


Warm welcome: Group show at McGuffey invites colorful observations

“I love Karen Blair’s riotous flower paintings that seem to explode with vernal energy.”

Karen is a Proud Supporter of The New City Arts Initiative

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Karen is a Proud Supporter of The Visual Arts Center of Richmond

The Visual Arts Center of Richmond is a community arts center that has been helping adults and children explore their creativity and make great art since 1963.


Karen is a Proud Supporter of The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts 

VCCA advances the arts by providing a creative space in which our best national and international artists produce their finest literature, visual art and music. In 2008 Karen received the Reynolds Foundation Grant for her Artist Residency at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.